Hotel Vera

An homage.

Hotel Vera is the latest enterprise presented by Ballarat’s David Cook-Doulton and Martin Shew. A tribute to David’s maternal grandmother Vera, the hotel is an all-embracing journey that inspires a change of pace and an immersion into warmth, seclusion and graciousness.

With a passion for restoring grand heritage buildings, David and Martin are renowned for their creative prowess, keen eye for style, and deep appreciation for historic architecture. 

Upon discovering the 19th-century mansion in the heart of Ballarat, the couple immediately took on the challenge of developing a bespoke accommodation offering that would tastefully juxtapose historic elements against a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

While the hotel is a celebration of yesterday’s majesty and today’s design, at the heart of the Vera experience lies the virtue of graciousness. From the moment guests arrive through to their day of departure, their stay is managed with the utmost care, attention, thoughtfulness and grace. 

For David, these were the very qualities embodied by his beloved grandmother. As such, these are the qualities embodied by Vera.


There are those rare people who touch our lives in very special ways. They guide us with their love, wisdom and humanity. When I think of love, I see my grandmother’s face, smiling, reaching for an embrace. I want this hotel to embody this unassuming, yet extraordinary woman.

David Cook-Doulton

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