Experience the ultimate in refined historic luxury, where sleekness is coupled with a love for slowness, and the world is whisked away in change for an abiding truth.

Hotel Vera

An homage.

Hotel Vera is the latest enterprise presented by Ballarat’s David Cook-Doulton and Martin Shew. A tribute to David’s maternal grandmother Vera, the hotel is an all-embracing journey that inspires a change of pace and an immersion into warmth, seclusion and graciousness.

Vera Hotel Night

Experience Vera

The Vera experience has been specially forged to ensure guests receive the highest quality of service, tailored to their individual needs.

Boasting seven personalised suites, each a sanctuary in its own right, the hotel is a one-of-a-kind luxury offering in the Ballarat accommodation space. With an emphasis on sense-memory, Vera hopes to provide guests with a forever-lingering image, scent, memory or event. This is achieved through the curated art, design, lighting, products and decor within each suite, as well as through the look-and-feel of the adjoining restaurant and solitudinal garden space.